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Our mission at the Rattray Clan Association is to connect Rattrays in the US and Canada
through events and social media as well as to provide education about both Rattray and Scottish history and traditions.

Photo: Blairgowrie and Rattray separated by the River Ericht

The Origins and the Name Rattray

Delve into Rattray’s rich history, royal affiliations, explore the clan chief, septs, tartans, castle, and visit Rattray lands through the accompanying map, while also learning about the Rattray Parish Church.

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Discover a wide range of authentic Rattray products, from tartans and clan insignias to castle-themed souvenirs and Parish Church memorabilia, perfect for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Locate Rattray merchandise online or visit specialty stores to embrace the rich heritage and culture associated with the name.

Connecting Scottish Heritage

Locate the Rattray Clan Association and Clan Rattray Society, ensuring easy access to festivals and gatherings, while Highland Games and Festivals provide a comprehensive directory of Scottish events and societies near you.

Ancestral Resources

For a comprehensive exploration of your family history, delve into additional sources such as magazines, informative genealogy blogs, Scottish resources, and captivating podcasts. For any further assistance or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our family genealogist.

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Join our community on Facebook and LinkedIn to receive updates, engage in discussions, and connect with fellow Rattrays. For any further questions or interest in becoming an officer, please contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into our Rattray family!

Halo Agus Fàilte!

Super Sidera Votum is Latin and means, “Our wishes are above the stars.” Scottish mottos are in Latin because Latin was the church’s and scholars’ language. Therefore, they could be read and understood throughout Europe. The Clan Chief owns the crest as the exclusive heraldic property, which clansmen are permitted to wear. The buckle indicates that the wearer follows the Chief (the owner of the crest/motto).

Rattray Clan's Family Crest

Rattray Crest

Rattray History

Rattray is a small clan but one of the oldest in Scotland. Descended from royalty, Rattray’s settled in Perth and Kinross in the 11th century. The earliest record of a Rattray is Alanus de Ratheriff in 1165. There are many versions of the name. The historic seat, Rattray Castle, still stands. The Rattray’s created their tartan on or before the 11th century. The design is registered in The Scottish Register of Tartans. There are different versions of the tartan, including ancient and modern. Continue reading more about Rattray history, royal connections, lands, chiefs, tartans, and castle. Also, find brief history about the Scottish Flag and what it represents.


Rattray Modern Tartan

Rattray Ancient Tartan

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